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John Ratliff

John Ratliff currently serves as Transglobal’s Chief Executive Officer.

Jerry Cavitt

Jerry Cavitt serves as Transglobal’s Chief Financial Officer as well as the Chie…

Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams serves as Transglobal’s VP of Oil & Gas.

Mark Murray

Mark Murray serves as Transglobal’s VP of Utility Infrastructure.

Chuck Jurica

Chuck Jurica serves as Transglobal’s RPLS Manager.

Blake Brittain

Blake Brittain serves as Transglobal’s Controller.

Allison Graves

Allison Graves is Transglobal’s Director of People and Culture.

Colten Shinn

Colten Shinn serves as Transglobal’s Director of Shared Services.

Lanson Jones

Lanson Jones is Transglobal’s GIS Department Manager.

Darrell Cherry

Darrell Cherry is Transglobal’s Design Department Manager.

Jared Williamson

Jared is Transglobal’s Drafting Department Manager.

Justin Savage

Justin Savage is Transglobal’s Survey Department Manager.

Larry Keith Profile Photo

Larry Keith

Larry Keith Serves as Transglobal’s Director of Renewable Energy.

Dane Patrick

Dane Patrick serves as Transglobal’s Director of Information Technology.

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