GIS services

Transglobal Services, LLC utilizes our GIS department to connect all our land, seismic, and surveying data. Through geotagging all project information, we create a geospatial filing cabinet for all project related information. This gives us the ability to create multiple queries so that our managers and the client can visualize all aspects of the project. This has become our “backbone” over the years and has given us the capability to take on multiple large scale projects for our clients while also providing consistency in reporting and final turnover data.

Innovation is what distinguishes our GIS and Mapping Services from other competitors. Our immense database, containing over a decade’s worth of surveying and land data, ensures seamless collaboration and enhanced visualization.

GIS Services


Transglobal services provides solutions for all of your land service needs. Professional, efficient, land services with over 40 years experience in the energy industry.

TGS Transform

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