Permitting, Mapping & Survey Services

Transglobal Services, LLC strives to prepare error-free survey deliverables with outstanding quality. Whether it is the performance of a closed digital differential level loop to verify and establish elevations for primary control set by GPS, using fixed height rods, reinitializing after a GPS observation and observing a second time, running acceptably closed and adjusted traverses, or the independent review of survey deliverables, Transglobal is committed to producing quality surveys in a timely manner based on measurements that are redundant and repeatable.

Transglobal deploys the most advanced technology supported by a wealth of experience. To facilitate the transparency and accountability that today’s market demands, Transglobal has developed unique QA/QC tools and processes. Our project experience ranges from simple upstream pipeline tasks to complex midstream projects. We are accustomed to long-haul preliminary, as-built, and post-construction surveys. There is no project too large or too small.

Our nationally licensed staff meets all the project needs with professional experience, efficiency, and quality. Transglobal surveyors are highly trained to be alert and safety conscious. Our Survey Department is comprised of surveyors with professional registrations throughout the United States.

Survey Services

Texas Board of Land Surveying Firm Number: #10193740

TGS Transform

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