Oil and Gas

Transglobal Services, LLC has historically provided unequalled services to the oil and gas industry E&P Operators, Midstream Transmission, and SWD Source Water, Wells, and Infrastructure.

We understand that strict time, precision, and compliance fuel your profitability. Transglobal offers thorough services designed around your Oil and Gas surveying needs. With a presence in almost every major shale play across the United States and a staff of numerous Professional Land Surveyors, 20+ draftsmen, 40+ crews and a robust GIS department, we survey more than 1000 miles of pipeline and over 2000 wells annually.

Our staff of highly trained registered land surveyors, professional field crews and engineering-partners can tackle projects of any size. From a single well stake to a cross-country transmission pipeline developed from preliminary route design through as-built completion, we have the workforce and technology to deliver results.

Exploration and Production

Pipeline Surveying

Transglobal Service’s personnel understand one of the most important ways we can provide value to our clients is through support of their field operations and personnel. The companies we represent will have long term relationships with the private owners and governmental agencies in close proximity to their operations. We excel in making sure these groups are treated in a professional manner so in turn our clients can most effectively complete the work necessary without any negative feedback or work stoppages. We also can provide construction and / or operations personnel experienced in keeping field work on schedule.
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