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Transglobal Services, LLC offers a broad list of services in the real estate sector to help you complete any project, both residential and commercial, all while working to maximize the potential of your investment.

Our experience and reputation meet the growing demands and expectations to project details, anticipation of potential problems, and responsiveness to grow and maintain relationships. This approach, coupled with safety and protecting natural resources, is critical to us and our client’s integrity.

Real Estate Services

Surveying before buying, subdividing, improving or building on land ensures that the expense and frustration of defending a lawsuit, moving a building, or resolving a boundary dispute can be avoided.

Determining the location of legal land ownership lines may minimize real estate transactional risk and are required by many title and lending companies to minimize risk of their transaction.

Shows the boundaries of a property, the location of improvements on the subject property, including all structures, fencies, utility lines, etc., along with the location of any and all easements.

Locate all surface features of a property and depicts all natural features and elevations. It is a 3-dimensional map of a property showing all natural and man-made features and improvements. It will also include the features locations, size, height and any changes in elevation. 

Light and Detection Ranging

Airborne LiDAR is a dynamic, polar and active multi-sensor system comprising of a navigation unit (GNSS, IMU) for continuous measurement of the sensor platform’s position and altitude of the laser scanner itself.

Mobile LiDAR is a powerful mapping method that uses laser scanning to identify roadway assets and related infrastructure quickly, accurately, and cost efficiently.

A commercial survey depicts the discrepancies between the actual use of the land and the recorded legal description. It shows the relationship of the property to adjoining properties, as well as the location of physical improvements.

Subdivision Plats are the basis of almost all surveying, especially in urban areas where the legal descriptions are tied to a subdivision. It states the width and location of the easements on the lots.

Flood and Elevation surveys do not expire and are required to ensure that all new buildings adhere to proper flood and elevation requirements. Elevation certificates for construction properties are available and help determine if a property is located within a designated flood zone.

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