Strategic Sourcing

Transglobal Services, LLC provides several services including:

The strategic sourcing department manages all suppliers. If you are interested in providing services and/or materials to Transglobal Services, you must first register in the vendor management system. If a sourcing opportunity presents itself, a Transglobal employee will contact you.


When commercial terms have been agreed to and a work agreement is signed, that does not mean your company is in compliance with Transglobal to perform services. Once your company has reached an approved/satisfactory status with all required documents, your company will receive an email notification stating you are now a compliant vendor for Transglobal Services, LLC.
If you have been requested to complete the vendor qualification form, this does not guarantee future work with Transglobal.
Transglobal Services, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.


Transglobal services provides solutions for all of your land service needs. Professional, efficient, land services with over 10 years experience in the energy industry.

TGS's proprietary secure online platform for maximum project and asset visibility.

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