Gator Bait: A Bathymetric Survey Story

Recently, TGS had the unique opportunity to utilize it’s cutting edge technology to perform a bathymetric survey of a bass fish hatchery.

A bathymetric survey measures physical characteristics of a body of water, including depth and how the surface below a body of water is comprised. This bathymetric survey was performed with a HyDrone unit and Trimble GPS System, which ultimately utilizes an echo sounder to collect data. The echo sounder emits sonar. Calculating the time that it takes for the sound waves to travel from the HyDrone unit to the bottom of the body of water and back when analyzed will provide will provide a detailed look at the floor of the pond by generating a 3-D Surface Model.

​During the completion of this bathymetric survey on the first day those out in the field found an alligator skeleton. On the second day, they spotted a live alligator! Thus, they appropriately christened the HyDrone with the name, “Gator Bait.”

​While this was a unique bathymetric survey to complete, it is also a wonderful example of the applications that it could serve for our clients within the energy industry. Bathymetric surveys are incredibly necessary in the maintenance of frac ponds and provides real time monitoring of water assets. Bathymetric survey verifies water volume, provides accurate pump placement and can aid in the re-calibration of automation systems.

Verifying water volume is necessary as there must be specific quantities of water to maintain the production process. Pump placement is very important, if the pump has not been placed in the deepest portion of the frac pond it will be less efficient. Furthermore, though many companies which maintain frac ponds have automation systems which monitor water levels with pressure sensors time, lightening and sedimentation can make the measurements obtained less accurate. This data is cataloged in a Volume Chart which shares the current water fill volume so that clients can make informed decisions about frac pond maintenance in real time.

Transglobal Services looks forward to utilizing their HyDrone to serve any clients who are interested in it’s current and future applications within the energy industry and beyond.

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